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Matt listened to me, and understood what my brain was saying, and then produced something great for me.

He asked me the right questions; about time scale, my skill level, what I wanted it to do, when I wanted it, who it was for, and what their skill levels were.

He said reassuring things like, you are not in this alone, we can do this, this can be done, and and he gave me evidence. This is why I took the leap of faith and thought, this guy understands what I’m talking about, I’m going to pay this money and I’m going to get a website I’m proud of.

Josie Dunne

Funky Needlework

Finding Matt was a godsend, finding someone who had the capabilities to do what I needed them to do and has actually had the ability to actually show that and to build it and to create that has been phenomenal. We’ve got, a really good working relationship and I’ve always got that confidence that my goals are being achieved and that what I need for my customers is being met.

Nicky Edwards

Dandelion Training and Development

I have been lucky enough to have Elaine complete a massive overhaul of my website. From start to finish she has been wonderfully kind, very patient with me (and my changes) and has provided a website beyond my expectations. I can’t recommend Elaine enough. Love her, love her work.

Katherine Curry

Katherine Curry VA

Elaine has completed a couple of websites for me and I have always been really pleased with her technical ability and the way she is able to easily adapt to different software applications. I would definitely recommend her for web design.

Tania Jones


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